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Nicholas J. Hemond, Esq.

Nicholas J. Hemond, Esq.

The key to successful issue campaigns is a clear and powerful message that connects with decision-makers and the public. His experience in proactive messaging, political coalition building, public relations, public policy, and grassroots organization enables Nick Hemond to assist clients in crafting and executing an integrated strategy incorporating all these essential elements. Nick works daily with legislative and executive leaders to ensure his client's interests are powerfully and effectively communicated, understood, and advanced. He has worked with a broad array of clients, from our state’s hospitals to national non-profit organizations, and on many of the state's most significant economic development projects over the past 12 years.

Nick Hemond began working in politics while still a student at Providence College and has been involved in the various layers of Rhode Island politics ever since. He has served as an advisor and campaign consultant for nearly two dozen candidates in Rhode Island, including many that continue to serve in the hall levels of state and local government. Nick also led the research and communications departments for the Democratic nominee for governor of Rhode Island in 2010. As a practicing attorney, Nick has extensive experience in municipal and state legal matters, including issues related to development, zoning, permitting, licensing, and economic development. Nick has guided some of the state’s largest economic development projects through the various lawyers of municipal and state approvals. Over the last decade, he has worked for numerous clients to secure tens of millions of dollars in government incentives, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in development in Rhode Island. He currently serves as the Assistant City Solicitor in Central Falls, a position he has held for over a decade, and as outside counsel to several other local governments.

A lifelong Rhode Islander, Nick attended Providence College, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a concentration in Political Communication and Mass Media and a certificate in Business Studies. After Providence College, Nick obtained a law degree from the Roger Williams University School of Law.

In 2011, the Mayor of the City of Providence appointed Mr. Hemond to the Providence School Board, the entity responsible for overseeing the operations of the state’s largest school system. He was elected to serve as the President of the Providence School Board and held that position until he stepped down at the end of 2021 when he moved from the City. While on the Board, Mr. Hemond led the district's efforts to obtain increases in funding from state leaders, including modifications to the funding formula and additional funding to assist the District in educating its increasing number of English language learners. Mr. Hemond helped the District navigate the state-led takeover of Providence Schools in the final years of his tenure and worked closely with state officials to set up a new school district governance structure that remains in place today.